Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches 2006


Date Launch Boat
15th October 2006 27-Foot Powerboat ‘Smiley’ Aground on Kirk Arrow Both
12th October 2006 Person in the Water from a Capsized Dinghy ILB
7th October 2006 38-Foot Yacht ‘Longbow’ AWL


Date Launch Boat
19th September 2006 18-Foot Angling Boat ILB


Date Launch Boat
25th August 2006 34-Foot Yacht ‘Peverall’ Aground on the Mixon Rocks Both
23rd August 2006 Missing Yacht 'Ouzo' AWL
18th August 2006 Dismasted Yacht ‘Enshaiallah’ AWL
15th August 2006 Fishing Boat ‘Mistral’ Broken Down ILB
10th August 2006 Kite Boarder in Difficulties ILB
7th August 2006 Inflatable Dinghy Being Swept Offshore by Wind and Tide ILB
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Date Launch Boat
19th July 2006 Dutch Yacht ‘Sifra’ with Fouled Rudder AWL
16th July 2006 Report of a Vessel on Fire ILB
15th July 2006 Reports of Three Persons Trapped on a Bank off of Pagham Harbour ILB
14th July 2006 24-Foot Yacht ‘Galloping Chaos’ Aground and Holed AWL
5th July 2006 Broken Down 17-foot Dory ‘John Silver’ AWL


Date Launch Boat
28th June 2006 31-Foot Yacht ‘Alex Swan’ AWL
18th June 2006 Swimmer in Difficulties ILB
17th June 2006 24-Foot Converted Ship’s Lifeboat ‘Bluebird’ Taking on Water AWL
11th June 2006 Two Boys and One Adult in Two Inflatable Dinghies ILB
11th June 2006 24-Foot Angling Boat ‘Sally Too’ Broken Down AWL
10th June 2006 Two Persons Cut off by the Tide ILB
4th June 2006 24-Foot Angling Boat ‘Sans Pareil’ AWL
3rd June 2006 32-Foot Yacht ‘Uwch-Y-Don’ with Fouled Rudder AWL
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Date Launch Boat
28th May 2006 21-Foot Yacht ‘Sundowner’ AWL
6th May 2006 Escort Duties to the Cruise Liner ‘Calypso’ AWL


Date Launch Boat
15th April 2006 27-Foot Powerboat ‘Great Escape’ Broken Down AWL
8th April 2006 26-Foot Catamaran ‘Cariad’ AWL
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