Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches 2008


Date Launch Boat
27th November 2008 Towed Fishing Boat into Chichester Harbour AWL
22nd November 2008 Report of Person Entering the Water ILB


Date Launch Boat
9th October 2008 Disabled 30-Foot Angling Boat “Lesley Anne” AWL
8th October 2008 Fishing Vessel”Emma Jayne” AWL
4th October 2008 12-Metre Pilot Cutter “Rhiannon” AWL


Date Launch Boat
30th August 2008 “Mum and Dad’s Getaway” Taking in Water AWL
25th August 2008 29-Foot Yacht "Nautiner Spirit" with Engine Failure AWL
25th August 2008 Report of an 11-Year Old Girl in the Water ILB
24th August 2008 34-Foot Yacht "Ursula II" Taking on Water AWL
23rd August 2008 23-Foot Dutch Yacht "Marie Intrepid" Aground ILB
23rd August 2008 Search for Missing 9-Year Old Boy Both
7th August 2008 Launched to Assist Three Children in an Inflatable Dinghy ILB
7th August 2008 To Assist 28-Foot Fishing Vessel "Cormorant" Taking on Water AWL
6th August 2008 Reports of a Red Flare Sighted off of Bognor AWL
6th August 2008 To Attend a Large Gathering of People After Reported Sightings of a Pod of Whales ILB
3rd August 2008 Small White Dory Missing with Four Persons on Board AWL
2nd August 2008 39-Foot Yacht "Foxy Lady" Aground Both
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Date Launch Boat
31st July 2008 Launch to Assist a Woman in the Sea off of Hillfield Road ILB
28th July 2008 Dutch Yacht “ De Bijzaak” Fouled in Fishing Gear AWL
24th July 2008 Search for a Missing 9-Year Old Boy AWL
24th July 2008 Two Teenage Girls Being Blown Offshore on an Airbed ILB
22nd July 2008 Angling Boat “Huntress” Broken Down AWL
21st July 2008 19-Foot Angling Boat “Bethany's Joy” ILB
18th July 2008 37-Foot Ketch “Red Setter” ILB
14th July 2008 Angling Vessel “Sea Swift” Broken Down AWL
12th July 2008 Launched to Investigate Reports of a Windsurfer in Difficulty ILB
5th July 2008 38ft Power Boat "Honey" with Engine Problems AWL
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Date Launch Boat
29th June 2008 Report of an Empty Dinghy Drifting off East Beach Both
28th June 2008 Report of a Capsized Dinghy ILB
17th June 2008 Broken Down 25-Foot Fishing Vessel "Two Boys" AWL
14th June 2008 23-Foot Yacht “Tien Mou” Hard Aground Both
13th June 2008 Bull Terrier Dog in Difficulties off the Marine Car Park ILB
9th June 2008 Small Dinghy Broken Down ILB
2nd June 2008 Two Youths in an Inflatable Dinghy ILB


Date Launch Boat
26th May 2008 Capsized Hobie Catamaran AWL
24th May 2008 Three Children Blown Offshore in an Inflatable Dinghy AWL
15th May 2008 Woman Trapped in Rocks ILB
12th May 2008 Two Youths in an Inflatable Dinghy ILB
7th May 2008 Broken Down Fishing Boat ILB
6th May 2008 ILB Report of an Unattended Sailboard ILB
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Date Launch Boat
14th April 2008 Three Persons in Small Dinghy Reported in Difficulty ILB
13th April 2008 Report of Two Children in Difficulty ILB
12th April 2008 Possible Suicide Victim Both


Date Launch Boat
10th March 2008 Flooding at West Sands Caravan Park X Boat
8th March 2008 Broken Down 23-Foot Power Boat Both


Date Launch Boat
20th February 2008 Report of Overdue Canoeists Arriving at Itchenor


Date Launch Boat
20th January 2008 Launched to Recover Unidentified Life Raft AWL
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