Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches 2009


Date Launch Boat
28th November 2009 Search for Missing Male, Potentially Suicidal AWL
22nd November 2009 Possible Suicide Attempt ILB


Date Launch Boat
24th October 2009 Report of Two Young Boys Swept into the Sea Both
21st October 2009 Report of a Capsized Dinghy Both
13th October 2009 23-Foot Power Boat Broken Down AWL
11th October 2009 Mayday from 30-Foot Yacht “Jubamanzi” AWL


Date Launch Boat
18th September 2009 Suicide Attempt Off of Boathouse Gangway ILB
13th September 2009 Person in the Water ILB
8th September 2009 38-Foot Yacht "Rhymhor" Both
5th September 2009 Search for Missing Child Both
5th September 2009 40-Foot Converted Harbour Launch "Trizl" Both
3rd September 2009 Missing Boat ILB
3rd September 2009 Suspected Man Overboard ILB
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Date Launch Boat
24th August 2009 Two Boys Trapped on a Shingle Bank at Pagham Harbour ILB
23rd August 2009 Broken Down Speedboat Trapped by Tide Against Boathouse ILB
22nd August 2009 23-Foot Motor Boat “Martinique” Sinking AWL
22nd August 2009 Two Boys Swept into Pagham Harbour ILB
19th August 2009 12-Metre Yacht “Louisa” Aground on Mixon Rocks Both
8th August 2009 Recovery of Two Stolen Kayaks ILB
7th August 2009 23-Foot Motor Boat ‘Santana’ AWL
5th August 2009 Paddle Boarder Thought to be in Trouble ILB


Date Launch Boat
25th July 2009 33-Foot Dutch Yacht “Vryheid” AWL
25th July 2009 10 Metre Motor Cruiser Aground ILB
24th July 2009 41-Foot Yacht “Raggamuffin” AWL
21st July 2009 Yacht "Va Moose" Aground ILB
4th July 2009 Man and Dog in Difficulties ILB


Date Launch Boat
30th June 2009 18-foot Angling Boat Broken Down ILB
25th June 2009 Drifting Unattended Boat ILB
24th June 2009 Suspected Missing Person ILB
15th June 2009 7 Metre MFV "Suzy-Dee" Broken Down AWL
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Date Launch Boat
31st May 2009 34-Foot Yacht “Edsador” AWL
30th May 2009 Missing Diver Both
24th May 2009 Report of Red Flare Pagham Harbour ILB
23rd May 2009 24-Foot Motor Boat “Buddies” Broken Down AWL
21st May 2009 Local Fisherman with Suspected Heart Attack ILB
15th May 2009 70-Foot Volvo Ocean Racing Yacht “Puma” AWL
15th May 2009 20-Foot Yacht Reported in Difficulty off of Pagham Both


Date Launch Boat
30th April 2009 33-Foot Yacht “Ocean Spirit” Aground ILB
17th April 2009 75-Foot Thames Passenger Cruise Ferry “Mayflower Garden” AWL


Date Launch Boat
25th March 2009 Launch to Assist 32-Foot Yacht “Impulse” AWL


Date Launch Boat
24th February 2009 35-Foot Yacht “Shearwater” with Fouled Propellor AWL
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