Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches 2010


Date Launch Boat
10th October 2010 Dive RIB 'Mottley Crew' broken down with 5 divers missing Both
9th October 2010 Speedboat 'A Touch of Class' lost in fog AWL


Date Launch Boat
14th September 2010 Windsurfer separated from board and missing AWL
10th September 2010 Capsized kayaker ILB
2nd September 2010 Kite boarder reported in difficulties ILB
2nd September 2010 Children in the water in difficulty ILB


Date Launch Boat
30th August 2010 Report of a dog being swept out to sea ILB
29th August 2010 Windsurfer reported in difficulties ILB
24th August 2010 32-Foot Catamaran 'Cariad' Aground Both
22nd August 2010 Broken down dive rib 'John W' AWL
11th August 2010 Motor boat 'For Sale' out of fuel Both
7th August 2010 Kite surfer in difficulties ILB
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Date Launch Boat
31st July 2010 Yacht entangled with lobster pot AWL


Date Launch Boat
21st June 2010 Capsized dinghy, persons in the water ILB
19th June 2010 Busy Saturday for Selsey Lifeboats Both
12th June 2010 Inflatable dinghy being blown offshore at Pagham ILB
8th June 2010 Suspected fire onboard 37-foot yacht 'Mon Ami' AWL
5th June 2010 27-foot yacht 'Elsa' broken down and drifting AWL


Date Launch Boat
31st May 2010 24-foot motor boat 'Banana Split' broken down Both
29th May 2010 Windsurfer in difficulties off Pagham Harbour ILB
1st May 2010 12.5 metre yacht 'Parthia' broken down AWL
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Date Launch Boat
16th April 2010 Kite surfer in difficulties ILB
8th April 2010 Possible missing sailboarder AWL


Date Launch Boat
24th March 2010 Missing surfer at West Wittering beach ILB


Date Launch Boat
4th January 2010 Angling boat 'Sarah Louise' broken down AWL
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