Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches 2011


Date Launch Boat
21st December 2011 Search for Small Drifting Dinghy Both


Date Launch Boat
19th November 2011 Investigating a Report of a Suspected Upturned Dinghy ILB


Date Launch Boat
29th October 2011 Yacht 'Frejya' Taking on Water Both
29th October 2011 Yacht 'Capella Endeavour' Disabled and Drifting AWL
1st October 2011 Report of a Broken Down Dinghy ILB


Date Launch Boat
28th September 2011 Person in Water Reported in Trouble ILB
1st September 2011 Two Persons in the Water from Capsized Dinghy ILB


Date Launch Boat
24th August 2011 Elderly Person Missing From a Care Home ILB
21st August 2011 Four Young Persons Stranded at the Entrance to Pagham Harbour ILB
5th August 2011 Two Persons in the Water from Capsized Kayak ILB
2nd August 2011 Man in Water from Capsized Dinghy ILB


Date Launch Boat
15th July 2011 Yacht 'Blue Moon' In Difficulties AWL
14th July 2011 18-Foot Angling Boat 'Northern Sole' with Steering Failure Both
10th July 2011 Assistance Given to Broken Down Angling Boat Lesley Ann AWL
3rd July 2011 Assistance Provided to Yacht ‘Nenriki’ Becalmed and Drifting with a Fouled Propeller AWL
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Date Launch Boat
21st June 2011 Launch to Assist 30-Foot Yacht Sapphire with Loss of Engine Power AWL
7th June 2011 22-Foot Motor Boat Struck the Mixon Rocks and Lost its Propeller Both
6th June 2011 Launch to Assist 23-Foot Fishing Boat with a Fouled Propeller AWL
4th June 2011 Launch to Assist Two Persons and a Dog in the Water off of Pagham Harbour ILB


Date Launch Boat
29th May 2011 Report of a Kite Boarder in Difficulties ILB
28th May 2011 Launch to Assist 9-Metre Motor Boat 'Nordic Dawn' ILB
15th May 2011 Report of a Person Being Thrown in the Sea at Midnight ILB
5th May 2011 Launch to Investigate Report of Capsized Boat ILB


Date Launch Boat
29th April 2011 25-Foot Yacht 'Karla' Aground on Mixon Rocks Both
27th April 2011 Search for Potentially Suicidal Female ILB
20th April 2011 Launch to Assist Single-Handed Yachtsman Becalmed and Broken Down AWL
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Date Launch Boat
27th March 2011 Launch to Assist Yacht 'Katrina' and Motor Boat 'Mottley Crew II' AWL
27th March 2011 Yacht 'Katrina' Aground on Kirk Arrow ILB
21st March 2011 Persons on Shingle Bank Cut off by Tide ILB


Date Launch Boat
21st February 2011 Attempt to Refloat Stranded Angling Boat ILB


Date Launch Boat
31st January 2011 Recovery of Drifting Dinghy ‘Muff’ ILB
23rd January 2011 Surfer Reported in Difficulties ILB
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