Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

23rd May 2013

Launch to Assist 10m Yacht, 'Caveat', Taking on Water

Caveat Caveat

Selsey All Weather Lifeboat 'Voluntary Worker' launched at 12:30 to the assistance of the 10m yacht 'Caveat' with two male persons on board reported to be taking on water and its pumps unable to cope.

'Voluntary Worker' arrived on scene at 12:38 approximately 1.5 miles southeast of the station. The 2nd Coxswain, Willie Pledger, was put aboard the casualty to assess the situation. It was quickly established that there was no ingress of water from the sea but was, in fact, the yacht's fresh water tank that had split, filling her bilges.

Due to the choppy conditions it was decided to escort the yacht into Chichester Harbour. At 14:5, once inside the harbour, the 2nd Coxswain was recovered back onto the lifeboat leaving 'Caveat' to continue up the harbour to her berth in Chichester Marina. The lifeboat returned to station arriving back at 15:30, was re-housed immediately and made ready for service at 16:30.

CREW: M.Rudwick (Coxswain), W.Pledger (2nd Coxswain), P.Pitham (Mechanic), D.Lamdin, P.Delahunty, W.Moir, J.Reeves.

WIND: Northwest 4-6. SEA: Slight. WEATHER: Squally showers.