Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

27th September 2013

Launch to Assist Local Dive Boat 'Phoenix'

Selsey Inshore Lifeboat 'Betty and Thomas Moore' launched at 13:12 to assist the local dive boat 'Phoenix' which was being swamped on its moorings.

The ILB crew arrived on scene at 13:14 approximately half a mile northeast of the station to find the owner desperately trying to bale out the rigid inflatable boat with a bucket. It was decided by the lifeboatís Helmsman to release the casualty from its mooring and tow it at best possible speed to enable the RIB to self-drain. This was successfully accomplished. The owner decided that the best possible course of action was to motor the vessel around to the shelter of Chichester Harbour and recover it onto its trailer. Unfortunately the RIBís fuel had been contaminated with sea water and the engine packed up after only a couple of minutes running. The ILB then towed the casualty back onto its mooring. The owner was brought ashore and intended recovering his vessel the next day when weather conditions were forecast to be more suitable.

The ILB arrived back at station at 14:40, recovered straight away and was ready for service at 15:15.

CREW: C.Harvey (Helmsman), J.Albrey, D.Langford.

WIND: East south-east F5. SEA: Slight. WEATHER: Hazy sunshine.