Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

10th June 2017

Selsey Inshore Lifeboat Launches to Children in Difficulties

Uk Coastguard (Dover) requested the launch of the Selsey RNLI inshore Lifeboat after a report of four children struggling in the tide.

The inshore Lifeboat launched at 2.58 p.m. on Saturday 10th June with two volunteer crewmembers and was quickly at the position given, approximately 400 metres east of the Lifeboat station.

The Coastguards reported that Chichester District Council safety patrol had thrown a lifeline to the children who used it to get to shore. The inshore Lifeboat was released at 3.01 p.m. to return to station and was rehoused, washed down and refuelled by 3.30 p.m. The weather on scene was wind southerly force 3 in sunshine.

CREW: Gary Pearce (Helmsman) and Andy Lee.