Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

6th September 2017

Selsey RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Responds to Cries for Help

UK Coastguard requested the immediate launch of the D-class Lifeboat at 4.24 p.m. on Wednesday 6th September after reports of a kite surfer shouting for help approximately 200 metres off of the Lifeboat station.

The inshore lifeboat (ILB) was quickly launched and was on scene at 4.24 p.m. A local fisherman had recovered the kite surfer who was transferred to the ILB. After checking the welfare of the surfer and confirming that no medical assistance was required the ILB headed back to the beach. The rig and board were recovered by the ILB on the way back to the beach where they were met by the Selsey Coastguard team.

The weather on scene was wind force 4 westerly sea state slight in sunshine. The lifeboat returned to station at 4.45 p.m.

CREW: James Albery (Helmsman), Will Moir and Andy Lee.