Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

30th June 2018

Selsey Inshore Lifeboat Called to Kayak with Two People Aboard

The inshore Lifeboat was requested to launch by the UK Coastguard after they received a report that an inflatable Kayak with two people on board appeared to be struggling in the tide and wind.

The 'D' class Lifeboat, with a crew of three volunteers, launched at 3.29 p.m. and made best speed to the area between West Street and Hillfield Road. When the Lifeboat arrived on scene they that found the craft had made it safely ashore and was with the Selsey Coastguard team. The weather on scene was wind easterly force 4 sea state slight in sunshine.

The lifeboat was released and returned to station rehousing at 3.46 p.m.

CREW: Gary Pearce (Helmsman), Will Moir and James Albery