Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

2nd July 2018

Both Selsey RNLI Lifeboats Conduct Search for Missing Person off Bognor Regis

Uk Coastguard requested the launch of both of the Selsey Lifeboats to search the waters off of Bognor Regis for a 24-year old male swimmer last seen at 3.00 p.m. in the water off of Aldwick.

The two Lifeboats launched at 10.28 p.m. on Monday 2nd July and proceeded to the area. The inshore Lifeboat (ILB) commenced a shoreline search from Pagham Harbour to Bognor sailing club. The all-weather Lifeboat (ALB) started a creeping line ahead search half a mile offshore. The Coastguard Helicopter, Rescue 175, was also tasked and joined the search at 10.55 p.m.

The weather on scene was wind north easterly force 5-6, sea state slight to moderate in clear sky. At 12.45 a.m. the ILB, 'Betty and Thomas Moore', was released to return to station. The helicopter and the ALB were given new search instructions by UK Coastguard which took the ALB to a position 5 miles off shore and working back towards Pagham harbour. At 2.52 a.m. the ALB, 'Denise and Eric', completed the search area given and was released from the incident. The Helicopter was released earlier after completing the search area they were given.

The ALB returned to station at 3.05 a.m. and was rehoused and made ready for service by 4.25 a.m.

ILB CREW: Will Moir (Helmsman), Craig Sergeant and Neil Hopcraft.

ALB CREW: Dave Lamdin (Coxswain), Colin Pullenger (2nd Coxswain), Phil Pitham (Mechanic), Andy Lee, Dan Langford and Pip Skeet.