Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

6th September 2018

Selsey Inshore Lifeboat Launched to Overcrowded Dinghy

The Police had received an emergency call reporting an overcrowded dinghy with a person in the water. The Police informed the UK Coastguard who sent Selsey Coastguard team and the Selsey RNLI inshore Lifeboat.

The Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) launched at 2.30 p.m. and proceeded to a position off of Marine Gardens Bognor Regis. The weather on scene was wind westerly force 3 sea state slight in sunshine. At 2.43 p.m. the ILB arrived on scene and the Coastguard unit had spotted a possible person in the water they asked the ILB investigate.

The ILB identified a lone skin diver in the water with a large circular surface marker buoy (SMB). The diver was OK and needed no assistance and after reporting this to the Coastguards all units were stood down to return to station.

The ILB returned to Selsey at 3.27 p.m. and was rehoused straight away.

CREW: Colin Pullenger(Helmsman), James Albery, and Max Wiseman