Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

2nd February 2020

Selsey RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Rescues Windsurfer After Rigging Failure

Windsurfer Windsurfer

The D class inshore Lifeboat (ILB) launched at 11.54 a.m. on Sunday 2nd February at the request of the UK Coastguard. They had received information from a member of the public that a windsurfer appeared to be having problems off Pagham yacht club.

The ILB made best speed to the area arriving on scene at 12.07 p.m. and, after a search, could not see the casualty but the first informant was waving to them that the he was now further to the east. The windsurfer was found at 12.18 p.m. in good spirits but tired saying that his rigging had failed and that he had been in the water for an hour. The weather on scene was wind south westerly force 5 sea state moderate in sunshine.

The casualty said he was OK and needed no medical treatment so the Helmsman decided to take him straight to the beach then returned for the board and rigging leaving one of the ILB crew with the casualty. Once the rig was recovered the ILB returned to the beach where it was de-rigged by the owner. The owner and rig were then taken back to the yacht club beach where the Coastguard team from Selsey were waiting.

The ILB was released at 12.43 p.m. arriving back at station at 13.02 p.m. and was rehoused, washed down and refuelled.

CREW: Sam Corcoran-Smith (Helmsman), Will Moir and Max Wiseman.