Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

4th February 2020

Selsey RNLI All-Weather Lifeboat Launched to Report of Vessel on Fire

UK Coastguard received a call from a member of the public reporting a vessel on fire. They were at Bognor Regis and estimated that the vessel was off Selsey Bill.

The Selsey all-weather lifeboat launched at 9.14 p.m. on Tuesday 4th February. The weather was wind NW force 2-3 sea state smooth in clear sky with excellent visibility. Soon after launching a vessel could be seen displaying working lights both white and orange in colour.

The vessel was identified as a multi-purpose offshore vessel working on an undersea cable approximately 5 miles SSW of Selsey Bill. The Coastguard said the position that the ship was in was on the same bearing the first informant had given them and with no other vessels in the area they were happy to stand the Lifeboat down. The vessel's position was 10 miles from Bognor.

This was a false alarm with good intent. Always report incidents at sea to the UK Coastguards. The lifeboat was rehoused and washed down by 10.15 p.m.

CREW: Colin Pullenger (Coxswain), Phil Pitham (Mechanic), James Albery, Andy Lee, Kristina Dolan and Jake Harnett