Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

14th April 2020

Selsey RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Responds to Persons Cut Off by the Tide

At 7.25 p.m. on Tuesday 14th April the inshore Lifeboat (ILB) launched with a crew of three volunteers aboard and made best speed to the Medmerry nature reserve. The UK Coastguard had received a report that two persons were cut off by the tide inside the reserve.

The ILB arrived on scene at 7.29 p.m. but were unable to enter the reserve as the bar was too shallow to cross. The Helmsman landed two ILB crew on the west side of the retreat to try and see the two casualties but they were unable to as they were a long way inside the retreat. The Selsey Coastguard team had been paged and were now able to see the two persons so they asked the ILB crew to return to the ILB but remain in the area until the casualties had been recovered.

The Coastguard team were able to bring the casualties to safety using their inflatable water rescue raft. Both persons were cold but needed no medical treatment. Strong words of advice were given by the Coastguards relating to Corvid-19 rules. The weather on scene was wind Easterly force 3-4 Sea state smooth in sunshine. At 8.08 p.m. the ILB was stood down and returned to station at 8.23 p.m.

CREW: Colin Pullenger (Helmsman), Neil Hopcraft and Jake Harnett.