Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

5th July 2020

Selsey RNLI All-Weather Lifeboat Joins Search off Bracklesham

(With thanks to Ashley Pledger, Josh Hammett and Max Gilligan for their photos. Please hover over them to see which belongs to whom.)

ALB Kite
ALB Kite

The UK Coastguards requested the Lifeboat to assist Hayling RNLI Lifeboat and the Selsey Coastguard team search an area off of Brackelsham Bay where a kite or sail was seen in the water with no one with it.

The all-weather Lifeboat(ALB) launched at 1.59 p.m. and made best speed to the area arriving on scene at 2.07 p.m. The Coxswain was asked if it would be possible in the conditions to try and recover the item and an attempt was made but it appeared to be stuck on something beneath the surface. The Coastguards requested that the ALB conduct a shoreline search from the eastern end of Brackelsham Bay to East Wittering, stepping out after each leg.

The weather on scene was wind westerly force 6-7, sea state rough in sunshine. The Coastguards decided that with no one reported missing and the kite or sail not recoverable that the search would be called off. Selsey ALB was released at 3.11 p.m. and returned back to the beach at Selsey at 3.35 p.m.

CREW: Colin Pullenger (Coxswain), Phil Pitham (Mechanic), James Albrey, Kristina Dolan, Harry Emmence and Jake Harnett.