Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

17th July 2020

Selsey Lifeboat Tows Angling Boat to Safety

Adagio Adagio
Adagio Adagio

The angling boat 'Adagio' with two persons on board called UK Coastguards reporting machinery failure.

The Coastguards initially asked if any vessel could assist the casualty and gave their positon as 6.5 miles south west of Littlehampton and drifting. However, no vessels responded so the Lifeboat was requested. The weather on scene was wind southwesterly force 4-5, sea state moderate in sunshine.

The Selsey all-weather Lifeboat (ALB) launched at 3.56 p.m. and headed east towards the position given. At 4.11 p.m. the Lifeboat was at the position with no vessels visible and so requested an updated position from the Coastguards which put the vessel 7 miles to the south-east of Littlehampton. The Selsey ALB made best speed to this position, eventually finding 'Adagio' at 4.40 p.m. 16 miles due east of Selsey. A line was passed to the vessel and, once a tow was established, a course was set for Littlehampton Harbour.

At 6.02 p.m. the entrance to Littlehampton Harbour was reached and at 6.15 p.m. the vessel was safely berthed alongside with the aid of the Littlehampton Coastguard team. The ALB departed Littlehampton at 6.29 p.m. and headed back to Selsey. At 7.20 p.m. the Lifeboat was recovered.

CREW: Dave Lamdin (Coxswain), Colin Pullenger (2nd Coxswain), Andy Lee (Mechanic), Max Wiseman, Pip Skeet and Kristina Dolan.