Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

9th June 2021

Selsey RNLI Search for Overdue Kayaker

Kayaker Kayaker
Kayaker Kayaker

UK Coastguards received a call that a kayaker was overdue after an expedition he and others had made from Aldwick to Selsey and back to Pagham. The Coastguards requested the launch of the Selsey inshore Lifeboat (ILB) to conduct a shoreline search from the station to Pagham.

The ILB launched at 2.39 p.m. on Wednesday 9th June and immediately started searching whilst going through the fishing boats on the moorings. The weather on scene was wind south-westerly force 3-4, sea state smooth in sunshine and excellent visibility. The kayak was pink in colour; a relatively good colour to spot. At 2.43 p.m., once clear of the moorings, the kayak was spotted close in shore approximately 0.8 miles northeast of the station.

The kayaker confirmed his name and said that he was tired and didn't know where he was and so the ILB crew helped him into the ILB and, with the kayak also onboard, set a course to Pagham beach. Pagham beach was reached at 2.59 p.m. and, after a short wait, the Selsey Coastguard team arrived so the ILB was released at 3.06 p.m. to return to station. The ILB arrived back at 3.23 p.m. and was recovered straight away.

CREW: James Albrey (Helmsman), Andy Lee and Neil Hopcraft.