Selsey Lifeboat Station - Launches

8th October 2021

Selsey Lifeboats Combine to Assist Yacht

Yacht Yacht

Around lunch time on Friday 8th October a small yacht was observed from the Lifeboat station slowly manoeuvring around the moored fishing boats at Selsey. The skipper of the yacht seemed unsure of his intentions and so the 'D' class inshore Lifeboat was launched to make contact with the person.

As the inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launching the person on the yacht was seen trying to anchor close inshore and so once the ILB was on scene with the yacht advice was given and a Lifeboat crewman was transferred to the vessel. The yacht was heading for Southampton with no wind using a small outboard engine. The weather on scene was wind southeast force 1, sea state smooth in overcast sky. The Helmsman of the ILB decided to escort the yacht around the Bill to the west side of Selsey but the skipper indicated that fuel would be a problem if the wind stayed low.

At this stage the UK Coastguards requested that the yacht be towed to the nearest harbour, which was Chichester, and as this was too far for the ILB to tow the yacht the all-weather Lifeboat (ALB) was requested to launch. At 12.50 p.m. the ALB launched and was soon on scene with the ILB and the yacht, just west of Selsey Bill. A line was passed to the yacht and a tow was established between the Lifeboat and the yacht before a course was set for Chichester Harbour. At 2.20 p.m. the yacht was safely berthed alongside at Sparkes Marina in Chichester Harbour. The ALB returned to Selsey at 4.08 p.m. and was recovered straight away, washed down, refuelled, and made ready for service.

ILB CREW: James Albrey (Helmsman), Pip Skeet and Harry Emmence.

ALB CREW: Rob Archibald (Coxswain), Phil Pitham (Mechanic), Neil Hopcraft, Tim Scott (Trainee), Neil Martin (Trainee).