Selsey Academy Easter Fete Raises £475.95

Thursday April 6th 2017

Selsey Academy Fete Selsey Academy Fete
Selsey Academy Fete

A bright sunny afternoon and lots of activity and noise in the main street of the 'Village' (temporary school buildings), as the students set up their stalls.

Barry Bailey, RNLI Education Volunteer, and Martin Willard, RNLI Community Safety Officer, representing Selsey Lifeboat, set up in one of the larger rooms with several other stalls around. The noise and enthusiasm rose when the start was sounded and the mass of students arrived in the street.

Despite the numbers, footfall in our area was light and the older students were reluctant to try the crew kit dressing up challenge, despite our encouragement. However, we got to talk to numbers of them and hand out copies of 'Beach Safety' and 'Respect the Water' badges. Later, some younger siblings arrived with the parents and the littl'uns were much keener to dress up in the kit, which they thought was great fun. Being smaller they also slipped into the mini Mustos much more easily than the older students. The parents also enjoyed watching them, which gave us the opportunity to chat to them and hand out the leaflets, badges and stickers.

The winners of the mini Musto speed dressing competition were:

Well done to both and we look forward to welcoming them and their families during the summer for their VIP tour of RNLI Selsey Lifeboat Station and Lifeboats.

From the level of noise and activity throughout the afternoon it would appear to have been a successful fete and so once again Selsey Lifeboat should benefit significantly from the students efforts.

Since this report we have been advised that the fete raised in excess of £400 for Selsey Lifeboat. The final amount will be presented at the Academy's final assembly of the summer term in July.

Thanks to Harry Butler, his fellow staff members and all the students at the Academy for their continuing support of RNLI Selsey Lifeboat. Thanks to Barry and Martin for their help on the day.

** UPDATE ** At the school final assembly on 21st July student representatives presented RNLI Selsey Lifeboat Chairman with a cheque for £475.95 from the fair. When thanking the students for their magnificent efforts to support the volunteer Lifeboat crews, the Chairman presented the school with a new RNLI Supporters' shield to replace the one which was lost in the fire which destroyed a large part of the school buildings last year.