James Albery Passes Out as Coxswain

10th June 2021

James Albery Congratulations to James Albery, who successfully passed his Coxswains assessment after a long and eventful evening being diverted on to a service call to a Mayday south of Selsey.

James is now fully qualified to command the Shannon class all weather Lifeboat on services and for exercises.

We at Selsey RNLI Lifeboat Station would like to acknowledge the hard work that James has put in to achieve this milestone after many months of training, exercising, and assessments which were interrupted halfway through by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is not just James' commitment to pass his assessments that should be commended, but the whole of the crews at Selsey. The full time Coxswain and Mechanic plus their deputies. The boat crew whose willingness to go to sea allows training to take place, and also the shorecrew who we depend on for safe launching and rehousing. Plus all the various other volunteers that perform essential roles at the station that ensure the boats and crews are always in 100% condition and ready for anything, and finally the support we receive from our volunteers' families.