Selsey Lifeboat

David Jump, Solicitor, Raises £983.37 since 2013 for Selsey Lifeboats

David Jump

David Jump, Solicitor and owner of Jump & Co Solicitors, retires at the end of March and, since 2013, has managed to get £983.37 into the Lifeboat collection box in his office helped greatly by putting his own fees as a Commissioner of Oaths into the box. This amazing amount represents 13% of the total collected from all the boxes in Selsey over that same period.

David, who was articled 50 years ago, told me that he was going to spend his retirement in "pursuit of leisure and pleasure" but in reality he'll probably be doing just what his wife tells him to do!

The Selsey Lifeboat Fundraising Committee would like to extend our grateful thanks to David and wish him a long and happy retirement.