Selsey Lifeboat Station - News

GB4SLB Amateur Radio Station for Selsey Lifeboat Week


Many thanks to Selsey Lifeboat Station for letting us play radio at their event (us being Lifeboat Amateur Radio Society, and Worthing & District ARC).

We started by setting up the station on Friday evening and by 20:30 we were ready to start transmitting.

We chose the 40 metre (7MHz) band so we could concentrate our efforts to UK and Europe and remind people about the RNLI and Selsey Lifeboats. Our first contact was in to central France. We closed the station for the night at 23:15 with a contact into Devon.

Saturday morning we opened the station after breakfast making our first contact at 07:21 with a station in Buckinghamshire. Later in the day we started to get a few technical gremlins coupled with a contest that had started, so we closed the station at 16:55 to check out the equipment and have our evening meal. We were able to rectify our problems after a good meal so decided on an early night and a good start in the morning.

Early Sunday morning we were woken by very heavy rain bouncing off our tents so it was a case of stay comfortable for a bit longer and let the storm pass. With breakfast done we fired up the radio making our first contact at 07:35 into South Wales.

We had a steady stream of contacts throughout the day to keep us going until we needed to close and pack everything away until next year, closing the station at 17:18 with a contact into Amsterdam.

Included among our list of contacts on Sunday was one with a Naval Radio station in Austria, also a call from Somerset from a retired coxswain of Shoreham Lifeboat, plus other stations that had or are putting on stations for their lifeboat station open days. We made a total of 340 contacts over the weekend and they were still calling us when we had to start packing away!

Thank you to all who came to visit us over the weekend a good number of visitors both from the amateur world and those just wanting to see what strange things were going on!!

See you all again next year!