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Selsey Lifeboat Station Fundraisers Visit HMS Diamond

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Recently, several fundraisers from Selsey were lucky enough to be invited to visit HMS Diamond, the third ship of six Type 45 or 'D' Class of air defence destroyer built for the Royal Navy. She was launched in 2007, completed her contractor's sea trials in July 2010 and arrived at her base port of Portsmouth on 22 September 2010. For the full specification of this ship please click on this link - HMS Diamond Specification.

After a brief safety talk the tour commenced, taking in the hangar, ops room, bridge, cabins, mess rooms, galley, engine rooms and many confusing corridors and ladders.

“It was absolutely fascinating and a great honour to be invited on board” said John Light, Branch Chairman. "Our grateful thanks to The Royal Navy, especially Shaun and Jeannette."

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