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Junior Community Wardens Visit Selsey Lifeboat Station

Junior Community Wardens

Selsey Community Wardens’, Gareth Jones and Jay Blackwood, brought a small group of junior community wardens from Seal School to visit the RNLI lifeboat station in Selsey.

The junior community wardens all appeared fascinated by both the inshore (Betty and Thomas Moore) and all weather (Voluntary Worker) lifeboats, and showed great interest by asking a variety of questions. Mike Valmas (Selsey Lifeboat Station Admin. Officer) commented: “It shows a lot of dedication on the part of leaders of groups such as this and they deserve our thanks for introducing youngsters to be responsible local citizens.”

The Selsey junior community warden scheme, working in partnership with Seal School and the community wardens, aims to raise environmental, social, and community awareness among the children. The objective is to work with young people, helping promote responsible citizenship in order to benefit their communities. It also links in practical events with curriculum subjects such as citizenship, and personal, social and health education.

Youngsters taking part work with the community wardens on various supervised projects, such as:

They also take part in events and activities that help them develop trust and teamwork and understand important social issues, through individual and group challenges.