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'Voluntary Worker' Launched by Winner of Painting Competition

Katie Galloway Katie Galloway

Prior to Lifeboat Week 2013 The Academy Selsey held a painting competition for students with the subject of "Selsey Lifeboat Station". The response was excellent and the ten paintings considered best at portraying the subject were exhibited during Lifeboat Launch Day in August. They attracted a lot of interest from the many people on Lifeboat Green that day.

The overall winner, Katie Galloway, was invited to launch Selsey AWL 'Voluntary Worker'. Katie, accompanied by her family, were at the boathouse on the 9th October when the boat was scheduled to launch on exercise. Katie was introduced to the Coxswain, Lifeboat Crew and the Shore Crew.

Bruce Jenkins, Head Launcher, gave Katie instruction on what was required to launch the boat and then under his watchful eye swung the mallet (a few swings were required as she didnít want to hit it too hard in case she broke it!), hit the release pad and watched "Voluntary Worker" speed down the slipway and enter the water on exercise. Katie said "It was really exciting and glad I was able to do it."