Selsey Lifeboat

Goodwood Revival Tickets Raffle Raises £420

We, the Selsey Lifeboat Fundraising Committee, were given a pair of Goodwood Revival tickets by the Earl of March to use to raise as much money as possible for the new Selsey Lifeboat and we decided that the most effective way of doing this was to raffle them off. Over a period of several weeks I, with help from Jennie Wilkins, pestered people in the Lifeboat Inn and The Seal Public House to buy these raffle tickets.

On Selsey Carnival day I sold the last few and we held the raffle at The Seal after the Carnival Parade. Ably assisted by Bruce Johnson and Mia and Zoe, we held the draw. Everyone had bated breath while I consulted my sheets to see whose number had been drawn - only to find that I'd left the sheets at home!! Slight pause while I ran (well, more like hobbled) home to fetch them, and the winning ticket no., 36, was found to belong to Roy Chappell.

A big thank you to everyone who bought the tickets and help raise the fantastic amount of £420 for the Selsey Lifeboat Shannon Appeal.