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Selsey Lifeboat Programme Selling at Sainsbury's, Chichester

On Saturday 13th July 2013, several members of the Selsey Lifeboat Fund Raising Committee and other kind people who generously helped out, bravely battled the Goodwood Festival of Speed queues of traffic to go to Sainsbury’s, Chichester, to sell Selsey Lifeboat Week programmes.

Where were the cars in the car park? Where were our customers? Sensibly at home or on the beach probably!

Anyway, despite the scarcity of customers and thanks to the generosity of Sainsbury’s in allowing us to stand outside their store, we managed to raise £289.99, which will be put towards our new Selsey Lifeboat.

(Whilst I was there with Clive - who I had to stop from singing several times in case he scared off what few customers we had - the last remaining AVRO Vulcan performed its fly-past for the Festival of Speed; a magnificent sight (and sound), and a pleasant little break in our fund raising shift.)

Thank you to Sainsburys and their customers, and thank you helpers!