Selsey Lifeboat Station - News

Sea Safety Events Chichester Harbour

During September and October the RNLI Selsey Sea Safety Advisers attended the Chichester Marina Berth-holders Association Open Day and the Emsworth Marina Open Day. At both events the team were supported by the RNLI Sea Safety Roadshow.

Over 120 requests for advice were received and dealt with by the team. The subjects included calling for help, lifejackets and general sea safety.

78 lifejackets were brought along to the Lifejacket clinics. Four were condemned as being in a state where they could not be repaired and were totally useless as a safety aid. A further 33 lifejackets would not have worked if needed due to missing, fired or loose gas cylinders etc. The owners were shown how to make them operable, shown how to check them and advised that each lifejacket should be checked at least every six months and serviced annually. A lifejacket is useless unless worn and if worn is useless unless it is able to operate when needed in an emergency.