Selsey Lifeboat Sponsored Walk 2017

30th April 2017

Elaine and Sue

Sunday 30th April dawned grey and breezy, not an auspicious start to the appointed day for our annual 10 mile walk. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the local weather forecast warned of rain from around 1pm so it was to be hoped that most walkers would have finished their trek by then.

Willing volunteers had been out the previous day checking there were no obstructions along the route and placing markers to ensure the walkers stayed on track around the circuit that would bring them back to the new boathouse where they would receive badges and certificates in recognition of their participation and fund-raising efforts.

Checkpoints were strategically placed around the route so that marshals could ensure no walkers had inadvertently taken off in the wrong direction and that all were fit and able to continue. The checkpoints also acted as watering stations for both the 2- and 4- legged walkers and gave them all an opportunity to take a well-deserved rest before continuing.

A combination of almost flat terrain, splendid sea views from the promenade; open countryside, farmland, and fields around Ham, as well as pathways through the RSPB Nature Reserve at Pagham Harbour make this a delightful, walker friendly outing that is not too challenging for either the old or young.

Fortunately for all, the rain held off until all but a few walkers had made it back to base, and the worst they had had to face was the strong winds trying to push them backwards.

This year’s walk got off to a most unusual start. As the registration team were setting up they were approached by a young lady in lycra who asked if it would be OK if she did a little 'workout' on the slipway, furthermore she asked that one of us film it on her mobile phone. Apparently, she had set herself a challenge to be filmed in as many different locations as possible and post the videos on social media sites! She proceeded to perform a series of stretches, lunges, splits and various other exercises for about 10 minutes while Colvin dutifully played cameraman. When she was done, she picked up her belongings, retrieved her phone and set off along the sea wall, presumably to find another location in which to perform her routine (I have since seen her at a bus stop in Constable Drive treating the queuing passengers to her own particular brand of street theatre so who knows where she will appear next!).

One of the most gratifying aspects of this event is the number of visitors to Selsey who participate in it. The fact that so many people from outside the area are prepared to support this vital service is testament to the regard in which they hold the RNLI and the importance they place on its continued presence in the town.