Selsey Lifeboat Sponsored Walk 2019

5th May 2019

Before After

"A fabulous day for a walk" - just one of the many comments made at the end of this year's annual RNLI Sponsored Walk. I would like to take credit for the fine weather but can't, suffice to say the fact that it stayed dry was good enough for me.

For the first time there were two routes for walkers to choose from this year. First there was the traditional and much loved 10-mile route starting at the inshore boathouse, around the coast, along Medmerry through Ham, Pagham Harbour and Church Norton and back to the boathouse via the sea wall. For regular participants of this event there was the luxury of smooth transitions at Medmerry with the managed retreat now fully in place, and the completion of the cycle/footpath leading to and through Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve making this stretch much less arduous. Both very welcome changes that enhanced the experience for new and returning walkers.

The second route, again starting and finishing at the inshore boathouse, but just 5-miles long, was promoted as 'family friendly'. However, it is much more than that. We have been aware for some time that children and some older participants can find the 10-mile route a bit too much and sought to address this with the new route. Shadowing the 10-mile route, walkers were able to experience Church Norton and parts of the Nature Reserve before joining the longer route for its final section through Park Farm and on to the sea wall. The idea was very warmly received and feedback from those who took this route was extremely positive. We'll definitely be offering it as an option again next year.

The Route

Standout moments this year included the lady who went out for a walk along the beach, saw our registration desk and decided there and then to take part in the 5-mile walk. She popped a donation in the collection bucket and set off returning excited by the places she had seen and expressing how glad she was that she had come across us. She promises to be back next year!

Then there was the family that arrived having raised sponsorship of around £500 and then adding that "dad's employer" would be matching it! Wowser!!!!

The first-time marshals at Church Norton car park who came back full of awe at the quietness they experienced there and tales of birdsong - next year maybe we can get a recording and create an interactive advert?

And finally, the elderly gent who approached our marshal at Drift Lane with the contents of his 'penny pot' then regaled him with stories of his time in Selsey and his great, great grandfather, a former coxswain here.

Massive, massive thanks to everyone who helped make the event another resounding success; committee and team members, marshals, Lifeboat crew, and especially the walkers and their sponsors. It couldn't happen without you all.